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Your Security - Our Priority


Your Security – Our Priority

Reg No.AP-06-17-001-0665996



We recruit our Security personnel on a continuous basis, as per prescribed minimum educational qualifications as 10th and able to read, write and speak English, at least to the extent that they are able to communicate properly with others. We also ensure that they are physically/ medically fit, with good health.

They are then imparted training into the following aspects:

❖ Company Profile.
❖ Concept of Security.
❖ Appearance and dress code.
❖ Code of conduct of a Security Guard.
❖ Knowledge of the Company and its Staff.
❖ Duties of a Security Guard.
❖ Post & Site instructions.
❖ Types of Guarding.
❖ Vigilance on Cash Tills, customers and staff Movements
❖ Handling shop Lifters
❖ Gathering Intelligence reports Staff/vendors (Habits, inter relations, Living Standards)
❖ Types of Registers and passes.
❖ Customer, Vendor and visitor Management.
❖ Frisking and search operations.
❖ Mob control.
❖ Emergency procedures.
❖ Dealing with clients and customers.
❖ Telephone handling.
❖ Chemistry of fire and fire extinguishers along with water hydrants.
❖ First Aid and how it saves life.
❖ Emergency telephone numbers.
❖ Reporting System